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Sprint OMADM after software update - AT&T switch


Sprint OMADM after software update - AT&T switch

I have already worked with AT&T customer service to no avail as they have no fix due to a Sprint issue. My Note 9 was recently ported to AT&T on 5/26 and then it did a software update on 5/27.  I noticed the Sprint OMADM issue.  I used the ##72786# for a full network reset. Now it is requesting activation on the device, which still issues an error code of 407.  I tried this with WIFI off and on, with no success.  I also went into Settings, Network, Reset Network Connections.  This did not fix the issue either.

Please advise how the phone can complete the update so that my PRL and Profile register on the AT&T network.

Sprint Social Care

That's strange! I'll need to take a look. Can you send me a private message providing me with the IMEI number associated with the device in question?

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