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Text messages wrong order and length

Journeyman msg

Text messages wrong order and length

Coming from a competitor, I find the Sprint messaging lacking a several ways.


First and foremost,

>>>> messages are broken up and delivered in the WRONG order.


This issue appears to be old issue as I found community thread going way years...


I guess what realy don't understand, why can't Sprint Text messages allow longer thread as your competitor allows??? without being truncated to multiple messages?  This makes sharing web address links difficult and is incredibly annoying.



Is there a fix for this issue?  

Is there one being worked on?



Re: Text messages wrong order and length

First every Text App will Always Vary no matter who the carrier is so as far as features so forth it will depend on what app your using. The Default Samsung Text App as somethings but if anyone wants more there plenty of other text apps out there. Right now Google is trying to even make their Text App even better which right now is called Android Messages. Some people use Textra SMS but it looks like Google is paining another Change to SMS called Chat...  Read more below..

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Re: Text messages wrong order and length

@msg --


Hi. First, thanks for coming over to Sprint. We truly appreciate your business.


To address your specific concern, we need more details. However, understand that the SMS framework and standard is antiquated. When the specification was written and approved, people weren't sending long messages. We instead relied on email for lengthy messages. Now-a-day, many of us dislike firing up a laptop just to send out quick messages. We don't even think twice about pounding out paragraph-long messages in text. But the specification was never designed to handle order and reconstruction of multi-threaded messages. It was designed to handle 140 characters (plus a 20 character header).


There are so many variables at work, it's hard to say what the issue is, and you didn't provide a lot of details... 

  • Are you sending simple text (SMS, voice channel)?
  • Are you sending pictures, audio or video messages (MMS, data channel)?
  • Are you sending group texts (also MMS)?
  • What messaging app are you using?
  • Are you using or have you enabled RCS (Rich Communication Services)?
  • What device are you sending text messages from?
  • What device(s) are you sending messages to (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android)?
  • Are you sending messages from Sprint customer to Sprint customer?
  • Are you sending messages across different carriers? Countries?
  • What is the current status of the message-recipient's carrier message gateway?


The SMS specification does not address message order. Thus, message order is not a Sprint "decision." (Nor is it a VZW or ATT decision.) Here is the explanation based on the SMS specification (via Wiki):


Hierarchical-threading at the conversation-level is not widely supported by SMS messaging clients. This limitation is due to the fact that there is no session identifier or subject-line passed back and forth between sent and received messages in the header data (as specified by SMS protocol) from which the client device can properly thread an incoming message to a specific dialogue, or even to a specific message within a dialogue.


The hierarchical-threading at the conversation-level is client dependent. Not carrier dependent. The order and handling of the SMS (and MMS) messages will be largely dictated by how the messaging client (app) handles the message queue.


Not sure what carrier you ported over from. But maybe the device you had and the service they enabled for that device, involved a different message app, and perhaps even a different message standard (SMS vs RCS vs iMessage vs BBM).


I hope this helps in some way. If you care to share more details then perhaps we can try to figure out why your experience is less than stellar. 


Again, thanks for being a Sprint customer!


~Ninja CJ


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Re: Text messages wrong order and length



 I am not sure if the person that entered this question ever replied to your answer but i must. No this reply does not help. No matter what is texted from the regular texting app on an apple phone to another person on another carrier it will come in late, out of order and sometimes so late that the conversation is hard to follow. In my circle there are two of us on Sprint, one with samsung and one with Apple iphone, another with Tmobile and another with Atnt then one with Verizon the order is so wrong that again I am contemplating changing carriers. When will  your SMS structure be reworked?


thank you


Re: Text messages wrong order and length

Hi kim2018. In addition to the ones that were already mentioned, there are other factors that could be causing delayed text messages,  such as delay in SMS network delivery and network outages. We would like to confirm are you able to receive phone calls? Is this happening in multiple locations? If so, please provide me the nearest cross streets and ZIP codes of the locations where you are experiencing the problem. 

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Re: Text messages wrong order and length

Which text App are you using? If your using the default App makes sure to check for updates for it from the Galaxy App Store..  You will need to be sign into your Samsung Account to get any updates for any of the default apps on the device. Second I would try a different text App like Android Messages grab it from the Google Play store set it as your default App. Make sure you go into the settings in Advance and that Chat Features are set.. Also you might power cycle the device as well to see if that will clear things up.. Just a thought.. Smiley Happy 


Re: Text messages wrong order and length

I have been using both Messages and Textra on my Android phone, always updated to the latest versions.  My Messages app says that it is using data to send and receive texts.  When I receive long texts, they are broken up in both apps, however while Textra does display them in order, Messages does not.  Both texting apps are truncating the texts.  When I receive texts from my son, using his iPhone on Sprint, long messages are truncated.  I am somewhat intelligent, proven by the fact that I walk upright on my hind legs.  I can determine the order that the original text was meant to be.  However, I am not intelligent enough to determine what the truncated part of the text contained.  This doesn't seem to be a carrier vs. carrier issue, this seems to be a Sprint issue.  


Re: Text messages wrong order and length

Hey. What kind of phone do you have? How long has this been going on?


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Re: Text messages wrong order and length

I have been a long time spriSp/Boost Mobile customer and always had an Android phone Galaxy models. I currently have a Galaxy S9. If I get a long single text from someone it splits them into multiple texts and out of order. It's so frustrating that I just stay away from texting as much as possible. This has been and issue for many many years and different modle phones of my samsung Galaxy phones. I always have used the default texting app installed by Samsung. 


Re: Text messages wrong order and length

HI There,

Thanks for reaching out. Do you know if these messages are coming from iphones or other android users? 


Re: Text messages wrong order and length

This is so unbelievably frustrating as is Sprint’s response which will likely drive me to a more reliable carrier as soon as my contract is up. How on every thread about this for the last 3 years does Sprint act like this is a rare & isolated event that they know nothing about & try to blame on the phone being used, the app being used, the settings & anything other than their own crappy service that they do nothing to correct or actually tell people how to rectify? 

I have read all sorts of message boards regarding this same problem from Sprint customers with all kinds of different phones, apps etc & regardless the only commonality between them is that they all have Sprint service, Sprint representative responses continue to pretend this is an isolated incident when it clearly is not but rather a large Sprint FAIL in which Sprint continues to break messages into tiny pieces that make it impossible to text important messages without frustrating& irritating the recipient with a stream of repeated tiny (often out of order& unreadable) texts. It matters not that Sprint is not responsible for delivering them out of order because Sprint it clearly responsible for breaking them into the series of tiny 70 character long messages that inexplicably get sent separately & therefore often end up out of order which doesn’t happen for the same message sent via Verizon or AT& T since they don’t needlessly & irritatingly split them up. I had this same inferior problem with Consumer Cellular & got rid of them for substandard service like this & now I’m irritated to find Sprint doing the same thing now when based on message boards you’ve clearly been aware of this problem for AT  LEAST 3-4 years! There is no excuse for not fixing it by now & especially NO excuse for acting like it must me an anomaly! 

In the past few years in our family we have had phones on COnsumer Cellular (got rid of for substandard usage issues such as this), AT& T, Verizon & Sprint (can’t wait for end of contract bc this makes texting re many important work related issues impossible bc if this problem-breaking texts into tiny 70 character pieces & harassing the recipient by sending them via tons of tiny pieces). This NEVER existed with Verizon or AT&T (unless receiving from a Sprint phone). With all of these carriers, our family was always using iPhones & as for messaging “app”, we use the regular default phone messaging app (& prefer not to use iMessage as I pay for cellular service for a reason, although even tried temporarily turning imessage on on the Sprint phone  to see if that solved the problem, but it did not. Not that it should make any difference (as this happens regardless of where we are as long as we use the Sprint phone) but we’re operating the phone in Atlanta, GA although our relatives in Florida have the same problems with their (each different) models of Sprint iPhones. Our family members currently using Verizon or AT&T phones do not ever have this problem except when receiving messages from a Spring iPhone. 

Please explain why Sprint continues this irritating & substandard texting behavior & how to fix it (if there is a way to fix it). I suspect Sprint engages in this infuriating behavior to increase the total # of texts they can charge people for who are not on unlimited plans. (As mentioned my texts are getting broken into tiny 70 character pieces-not even the normal 160  minimum shortest text.) If you can’t provide a fix (your stores are completely uninformed & unhelpful), I will just switch the rest of my family’s phones to Verizon when their contact is (thankfully!) up soon.  This issue is insufferable& interfering with important work. 

Please provide us with a fix, not excuses! 

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Re: Text messages wrong order and length

Hi Abp7. I definitely get your frustration and want to make sure we can help get you taken care of. I'd like to help assure you that this is not an intentional or malicious error on Sprint's behalf. While we do see this issue pop up from time to time, it's something that can happen across a number of devices and there can be a number of factors as to what is causing the issue. Luckily, we have a number of resources we can work through to troubleshoot and get you to a resolution.


Typically we will need to ask a few questions up front to try and narrow down exactly what is going on and then will move customers into private chat so we can get account access to move into final steps to resolve the matter.


So that we can get you on the right track, I want to clear up a few things. Can you please provide answers to the following to start us off on the right track?


  • Is this happening to everyone phone on your account?
  • Are both your incoming and outgoing messages shortened and out of order?
  • Is every single SMS that you send/receive having this issue?
  • Is this happening on the Sprint network, on WiFi, or both? 
  • Is this only happening while in a particular location or across multiple areas? 


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