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UICC Unlock Galaxy Note 8


UICC Unlock Galaxy Note 8

Just got off an extremely unhelpful phone call with Sprint Customer Care. Was attempting to UICC unlock my Galaxy Note 8 (which states "Your device is locked to Sprint SIMs only"). Customer Care told me that the phone is unlocked both domestically and internationally, and that it was the fault of the carrier I was trying to use this phone with, however, I only get "INVALID SIM" error and "PLEASE CONTACT SPRINT TO UNLOCK PHONE" when I put a different SIM in it. 


I just want MY phone to be unlocked so I can use it on another carrier.

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Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: UICC Unlock Galaxy Note 8

That doesn't sound helpful. Sometimes it can show unlocked, but the phone didn't receive the signal properly. Can you send me a PM with the info on the device please?

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