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UICC Unlock Galaxy S7

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UICC Unlock Galaxy S7

I have a galaxy s7 that is fully paid off, and i recently cancelled my sprint account. Now i want to use my s7 with another cartier, so i called sprint customer support to get my phone unlocked. After the first call they told me it was now unlocked, but in the phone it still showed that it was locked to sprint. The nex couple times i called sprint they told me that my phone showed that it was unlocked for International and domestic service.

i recently turned on Enable OEM Unlock, is there any other steps I need to take? 

Any help would be greatful, thanks


Let's check the device status @Liyakath2016. I just sent you a Private Message, please check your inbox. 

Sprint Social Care

I am struggling to get my Samsung Galaxy J3 unlocked.The UICC unlock on the device still says the device is locked to Sprint SIMs only but it is actually unlocked.


Called sprint customer service multiple times and also went to the Sprint service center but no luck.


I am helpless here.Please do the needful.


Even on this forum I was responded for some time but no resolution.


I too need the unlock signal for my Samsung Galaxy J3 achieve.Please do the needful.

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