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Unlocked Galaxy fold wont activate on Sprint


Unlocked Galaxy fold wont activate on Sprint

I bought an unlocked Galaxy Fold from Amazon and for the past week I have been trying to activate it on sprints network but to no avail. I have contacted sprint customer service and have been told that the imei is not showing up in the database so it cannot be activated and will not be able to activate as they cannot go against the database. Is it possible to ass the imei from the unlocked galaxy fold so I can now activate the device. I would hate to have to switch carriers as I have been with sprint for so long and love it so much but I am also in love with the galaxy fold that has the proper bands to be used kn sprints network. Would love some help if I can get some!



allowed device are listed in here


as for Samsung devices..the allowed at this time devices are...


Galaxy Book 2
Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 Special Edition

Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 Special Edition (SPH-N960U1)

Galaxy S7 Edge Special Edition

Galaxy S7 Special Edition

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 Special Edition

Galaxy S8+ Special Edition

Galaxy S8+

Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 Special Edition

Galaxy S9+

Galaxy S9+ Special Edition

Galaxy S10 Special Edition

Galaxy S10e Special Edition

Galaxy S10+ Special Edition

Galaxy Watch

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That list can't be complete because I am currently using the note 10 plus se on sprinta network with no issue also bought unlocked from the manufacturer. That's why I am confused further more my imei is accepted through t-mobile, ting, Verizon, at&t, hello mobile but sprint is the only carrier that says my unlocked galaxy fold is unable to be used on the network.


Yeah, the list is outdated. I will update tonight.  For the Galaxy Fold it reads: 

"Unlocked" phone that can work on all networks with compatible SIM Card
If the model has carrier branding (Verizon, T-Mo etc) on the phone, it is not an Open Market variant of the phone and it may / may not be eligible for BYOD.


I've had problems with Amazon devices lately because they have carrier loads like a big 3 carrier.  PM me your MEID and I will submit it.



Yea my device has no carrier branding. I sent you a private message!

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