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Unlocked Note 8 from samsung work on sprint ?

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Unlocked Note 8 from samsung work on sprint ?

I was wondering if sprint would activate the unlocked note 8 that i get from samsung ? I travel alot and from previous experience with the note 5 sprint locked phone . It was missing some 4g lte bands which I was not able to use 4g lte overseas. 3g was not usable at all. 


I wouldn't mind missing out on those sprint specific update and rather be able to have 4g lte with the same phone everywhere i go. 

I tried to call sprint customer service but the person that I spoke to wasn't sure and kept asking me the imei number. I know that sprint have the "SIM KIT" for people who bring their phone and switch to sprint.  I was hoping to confirm that before I get that from samsung.

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How do u get on the beta program  ... i heard abt it 




To get on the beta program, go to this link to install the Samsung+ beta version. Once installed, there is a banner for the One UI Android 9.0 beta to tap on. I received the invitation and the One UI Android 9.0 downloads within minutes. 


I am so super excited about all this!

On a Sprint VoLTE callOn a Sprint VoLTE call


One UI with Android Pie 9.0One UI with Android Pie 9.0




So far, I'm liking the experience. However, the icons are a bit too cartoonish to my liking - I much prefer Oreo's icons. They've changed the names to some of the settings - Device Maintenance is now Device Care. The Samsung+ app keeps crashing. The battery seems to drain quickly, but then that's probably due to all the updating to Android 9.0 Pie. I didn't have to update too many apps, and a lot of them still work on Android P. 


The most important thing is that the unlocked by Samsung® Note 9 gets VoLTE! However, here's a tip. In order to get VoLTE to work, Wi-Fi calling has to be on when making and receiving calls. When I turn off Wi-Fi during a call, then my Note 9 switches to VoLTE, and I am able to talk and surf on the LTE data at the same time. However, this whole Wi-Fi calling thing having to be on is the only downside to getting VoLTE to work. Therefore, if you're initially without a Wi-Fi connection when you receive or make a call, then VoLTE doesn't switch on. I'll give Samsung feedback on that. I'll let them know that they need to make a separate setting for VoLTE where it can be toggled on and off. 


Sprint's VoLTESprint's VoLTE




that might end up something they are working with Sprint on already. you never know. no one will really know until they release the update for it anyhow....



I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************



After all, I am running a beta version of UI One Android 9.0 Pie on my Note 9.  All I ask Sprint is for an official always on and constant VoLTE function/feature on the unlocked by Samsung Note 9 without having to have Wi-Fi calling on to make it work. That would really make my day. And, that would probably attract plenty of BYOD customers to Sprint.   


Here's the software information on the Samsung One UI beta with Android 9.0 Pie.


Please, let me know if this contains any of my personal information! Thank you!


The software information of the One UI beta on SprintThe software information of the One UI beta on Sprint 


That seems more like VCC than VoLTE.  Voice Call Continuity (VCC) allowing callers who start their call on Wi-Fi can seamlessly move to the LTE network and back to Wi-Fi while continuing the call.  That has always been on Samsung devices I think going back to the S8.  Originally it was not on the Note 9 due to the removal of Calling Plus.  


@fireguy_6364 wrote:

that might end up something they are working with Sprint on already. you never know. no one will really know until they release the update for it anyhow....







With the help of an app, I had Enhanced LTE Services working on my unlocked by Samsung Note 9. That allowed using LTE data while on a call at the same time. Now, that I have ONE UI with Android 9 Pie beta on my Note 9 the Enhanced LTE Services command is no longer in that app. However, now, I get that VoLTE icon in the notification panel.

Anyway, many of us Samsung Members beta testers are requesting Samsung to add a VoLTE toggle switch that will let us turn Sprint's VoLTE on and off on our unlocked by Samsung devices.

We have Sprint my husband still has his Note 8 and I have the 9 plus no Pie for us yet on our unlocked phones. But I just reserved us a spot for the 10 Plus since Samsung is giving 550 trade in and 50 off of an accessory. Plus rumor has it you get these free new wireless earbuds. Can't wait till the 20th for the official announcement. I am doing unlocked phones from now on. I was just reading about a slick deals offer that just expired they were giving 350 for the  Note 8 and selling the Note 9 for 700. I think my husbands Note 8 was 650 after 300 off his 7 edge so getting 550 now isn't bad.


Hi, I have two unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8's.  Both are unlocked and both are the model number SMN950UZKV.  When I plug one into the Bring your own Device page, it says it is compatible, and the other is says it is not.  I know both are unlocked, is it possible that the one that "is not" can be added to the Sprint database so it will work?  I have a family member that needs a new phone and I was going to sent the one that currently comes up as incompatible to them.  Please let me know if it is something your folks at Sprint can add to your system and get me rolling.




Send us a PM with the devices info. So we can go ahead and check for you. 


How do I send you folks a PM?  Switched from my computer to my phone so maybe not seeing the PM link?

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