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Unlocked Note 8 from samsung work on sprint ?

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Unlocked Note 8 from samsung work on sprint ?

I was wondering if sprint would activate the unlocked note 8 that i get from samsung ? I travel alot and from previous experience with the note 5 sprint locked phone . It was missing some 4g lte bands which I was not able to use 4g lte overseas. 3g was not usable at all. 


I wouldn't mind missing out on those sprint specific update and rather be able to have 4g lte with the same phone everywhere i go. 

I tried to call sprint customer service but the person that I spoke to wasn't sure and kept asking me the imei number. I know that sprint have the "SIM KIT" for people who bring their phone and switch to sprint.  I was hoping to confirm that before I get that from samsung.

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Yea .. My totally currently is $656.61 after the $300 note 5 trade in and since i already have the 360 camera.  I would sell the brand new one fore $150. That brings the total cost down $506.61. Then I used my chase sapphire reserve which get 3 times bonus points for shopping in samsung that is $29.5 travel credit. My new total is $477.11


Samsung trade in deal is way better. 


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 11.34.01 PM.png


I can see why you'd rather order it from Samsung.  I wanted the Orchid Gray, but Samsung didn't have the trade-in deal for the Orchid Gray.  I could have gotten $300 trade-in for my S7 edge if I had ordered the Midnight Black.   Bummer!


Well, I'm off to bed.  I hope to see what comes of your Note 8 order.


Well s7 edge value still good compare to note 5. There is no way i would ever get $300 for my 2 year note 5.. So I have to do that deal 🙂  But yea .. I am excited and can't wait to get it ... I will probably use this time to look for a screen protector and a case 


Hey AirWick219,


I'm crying tears right now.  LOL.  I have just gone on Samsung's website, and Samsung is now offering trade-in(s) for the Orchid Gray Note 8.  Why oh why didn't Samsung have it at the time, I could have traded my S7 edge in for -$300.   I'm not too happy with Samsung right now.  Hmmm, I could always return the one I have to Best Buy, and then order it again from Samsung. 


Why do you think you won't get $300 for your Note 5?  Does it have scratches, dents, and dings? Does it turn on?  Is the screen cracked?    


Did you find a screen protector and case yet? 


I'm so excited for you when you get your unlocked Note 8.  I'll have a fellow unlocked Note 8 bud to correspond with if we have any problems with our unlocked Note 8s on Sprint.


My unlocked by Samsung® Note 8 on SprintMy unlocked by Samsung® Note 8 on Sprint  





@nemembêtezpas . that's weird lol ... I didn't see theOrchid Gray option yesterday when i ordered. I would take GOLD if they have that but o well .. That 300 bucks trade in is so worth it.  My note 5 is in very good condition since it was a replacement from TPE+ no too long ago. But i wondered if samsung would say anything about that cuz my note 5 was marked as refurbished by ASURION. Also Just the fact the note 5 is 2 years old and i have been looking around on local craigslist .. it's around like 2xx. 


I wondered if best buy would charge you a restocking fee tho. If that's the case it's not worth it. If not and the timing works out, then you don't have to deal with selling ur phone locally. lol 


I am still looking around for case and screen protector.. There are alot of options out there. Anyways I don't know how i feel about that finger print sensor being so far up next to the flash tho. 


I am very excited too. I wondered if that's gonna be a battle trying to activate that phone.   


@AirWick219  I've just placed my order with Samsung (again), this time I am getting the -$300 trade-in for the Orchid Gray and the free goodies.  I chose the memory card and the wireless charger.  


Oh yeah, I see now why you said that you may not get much for your trade-in.  I found this interesting read about Samsung's trade-in program.  http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/07/01/samsung-isnt-honoring-galaxy-s8-200-trade-discount-many-leav...


On my Best Buy account it states, "A $35.00 return fee may be deducted from your refund."  That's not too bad.  I may be out $35, but that's not much of a loss.  It won't be if I get the full $300 trade-in. 


I do not like the finger print sensor where it is.  No matter what, I'm always touching the camera lens. I have to stretch my hand and finger to reach it, and it feels awkward trying to feel and find the sensor.  Now, I just turn the phone over and I look at the sensor and touch.


I did chat with a Sprint TEP tech, and he did say even though the unlocked Note 8 is not supported, it will activate.  I'll post that chat. 






Here's that chat with the Sprint Tech Expert.  I'm not having any problems with my Note 8 - it's still working just fine on Sprint; it's just that I can't add / removes services on my Note 8 via my Sprint account. 



Chat with Sprint Tech ExpertChat with Sprint Tech Expert



I am pretty sure something is going to come up with the $300 trade in with samsung and I am fully prepare to battle it. To cover my behind, I am going to take pictures and video before I send them the my phone, that way, they can't claim the phone was cracked or wouldn't turn on and not give me my $300.


I picked the 360 camera cuz I think it's easier to sell since I already have one but I will probably be looking around for the cheap wireless fast charger, sd card and the dex station. Also I will probably have to suck it up with the finger print sensor once it gets here. O well..


As far as the insurance program. The conclusions that I came up with in the other post https://community.sprint.com/t5/Samsung-Note-Series/Total-Equipment-Protection-with-unlocked-note-8/...


Covering lost or stolen is an advantage for TPE+. Unless I broke the phone so bad that's not fixable, They will still fix the phone that i have. Or else, then I will have to suck it up with a sprint phone. 


Anyways I think I found my screen protector, 



My thoughts: This might be a bit on the high side which I am still trying to see if there is something similar to that.  From this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeIEnYJRkZQ  . I like that it comes with a guard to put on and also It seems like it wouldn't have any issue with any cases ...  But I am still looking. 






@AirWick219 Yes, that's definitely a good idea.  Take pictures and video of your Note 5.  That way Samsung can't screw you over.  


Thanks for posting the links.  I guess I'll keep the TEP+.  I'm just not too thrilled about getting a Sprint branded Note 8 as a replacement if something should happen to my unlocked Note 8.


I do like those cases, especially, the Evo wallet.  I like flip covers, I feel like it gives extra screen protection.  


I don't want to put the screen protector that I have now on the Note 8 that I'll be returning to Best Buy. 


I was debating between getting the Gear 360 or the wireless charger and memory card.  I decided to go with what I've always wanted for a long time - a wireless charger.  What am I going to do with that 360 anyway.  Besides, I've read the reviews and that 360 doesn't sound like it's all that great.     


This is hilarious.  Is Samsung trying to tell me something?  LOL.  Did you get that same message?


Samsung really doesn't want to trade-inSamsung really doesn't want to trade-in

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