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Unlocking Samsung Galaxy 7 - Sprint Says it's Unlocked but it isn't.


Unlocking Samsung Galaxy 7 - Sprint Says it's Unlocked but it isn't.


So I recently tried to unlock my sprint phones. Called last week, then again this week and today. One of the phones went through and was unlocked the other they just won't unlock. I thought they were all successfully unlocked already so I portaged my phone over to a new carrier. Unfortunately because the one Samsung Galaxy 7 phone ended up not being not unlocked it now won't work at all.


I've called sprint customer service at least five times already to get this resolved but I keep being shuffled around or hung up on. I went into the store to see if they could help and was told to call support. They tell me it's already unlocked, but I know the phone isn't. Looking at

Setting->System updates->UICC Unlock, it says "Your device is locked to Sprint SIMs only"

I tried resetting etc. many times and nothing helped. It's obviously not unlocked on the sprint end.


At this point the phone number has been portaged over to t-mobile. So I don't technically have an account with sprint. But the phone won't work on either network.

Can someone please help me out? How can this be resolved? I'm in a bit of a bind here. It's a pretty new phone I bought and fully paid for....


Re: Unlocking Samsung Galaxy 7 - Sprint Says it's Unlocked but it isn't.

We were on the phone for more than 10 hours with Spring and Samsung. We finally got to an answer! 


Tell the rep to lock and unlock your device again. The signal hasn’t reached the phone, so they have to send it again.

This unlocks the phone for any Sim. 


Hope this helps, only took 8 hours on the phone 🙂 



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