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Update 3/25/19: Samsung Galaxy S10+ LTE: ESM - X EMM -13 APN - X.ISPSN - Perma Roaming


Update 3/25/19: Samsung Galaxy S10+ LTE: ESM - X EMM -13 APN - X.ISPSN - Perma Roaming

Admin update: Please see this thread for the ongoing discussion Perma Roaming - The Sequel 




As the description says I am experiencing a 'no network connection' issue. I got my Samsung S10+ Black 128gb on Wednesday 3/6 and it worked flawlessly. That is...until yesterday Monday 3/11. It now just gets stuck on roaming ad even with data roaming on I get ZERO data regardless of where I am.


I can make phone calls and get basic (non MMS) texts. But that's it.


My LG V20 works great and had no service issues when it was my primary phone.


I spoke with Sprint technical support and they had me do the whole ##72786# thing twice and that did nothing.


I've done several PRL update and System update requests. But since I have no connection to mobile data, they fail.


I am going to try a hard reset tonight and refuse the update and see how that goes. I need to remove all my media first.


Sprint claims they escalated this to their 'network team' and they will contact me by the end of the day. We will see.


This guy has the same issue I am having.

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550MB is not a security patch only.  Other global updates have mentioned camera and powershare improvements that likely were included.


Up until now I haven't had issues with my S10, but last night there were a couple of data drop outs and stuck on 3G in Milwaukee.  Had to airplane mode cycle a couple of times to get 4G back.


i know the power share deal was one of the other things they were working on..but usually they would list out what additional things they were taking care of..especially if its one of their key things they are the ability to charge another device with it.


with the band/LTE deal you guys are running into i have a feeling this will come across as a update on its own.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

This  post is S10+ Sprint network specific.


The new software patch did not fix the data problem.  The only way to get data for my phone is to disable both Band 41 and Band 25.   Note:  The phone was not stable when Band 25 was ON.  


The S10+ download speed are about the same before and after the software patch (and they are around 6 - 8 Mbs).   The S10+ upload speed drop by 50% (Was 6 Mbps, IS 3 Mbps).   Note:  The tests were run at the exact same spot at around the same time frame (for apple to apple comparison).


The software patch did not resolve the data problem.  For my situation, the software patch make the phone's data upload performance on Band 26 worst.   We are heading to the wrong direction. 


If Samsung tried hard with no luck, I think it's about time for Sprint to do something to fix the network.  


My recommendation to people with the same problem:  Stop messing with your phone by doing all the reset (input from some sprint "Experts").  You will waste a lot of time, unless you have nothing to do.   Call Sprint to issue tickets if you really want a fix for "the S10 community".   




Asurion chat finally agreed to replace my phone. They said it would probably be new. I hope it works 🤞


Anyone purchased their phone directly from Samsung successfully got them to replace the phone?


I am experiencing the same issue like you. Disabling 41 and 25 makes LTE work much stable, although I didn't see any changes after installing the patch last night. I think your speed drop was not related to the patch. Just curious what state and city do you live in?

How do I file a complaint regarding my poor data connection? I've contacted sprint support 3 times and they cannot tell me when I can expect a fix. This is a known issue. It should have been resolved. My next step is to  contact the better business bureau. We pre-ordered/bought these phones because they were supposed to have excellent data connectivity, we can barely use data when we are off Wi-Fi. It is very frustrating to have to pay for a service we can barely use. 


I am in San Francisco Bay Area, or Silicon Valley.   


I did not think Sprint Service was that poor in the area.   I found out the hard way. 


And I am from Sacramento so it makes sense that you have same issue as I do. I swapped from Verizon to Sprint. Verizon's coverage is good on paper. I had locations in Sacramento where signal was so bad I couldn't make a call. Sprint' scoverage seems better, I have minimum 3 bars everywhere I go but most of time I have 5 bars. All good except the LTE issue which I can work around by disabling Band 41 and 25. I always have LTE so I am fine. At least I don't have to pay Verizon two times more for same or even worse service. I believe Sprint will work things out and fix everything, we just need to be patient.


I just talk to Sprint about this AGAIN. They said a new firmware upgrade was release today to address this issue. I have not gotten any update, she said for me to bring it into a sprint store and they can do the update for me there manually.


Can anyone confirm or deny this information? 


Just called my sprint store. There is no firmware update that the manager is aware of

It seems there is. When I saw you message I went to software update and clicked on update profile. Dam my LTE came up and working like jet. Crossing fingers to see if its fixed permanently.

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