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Update 3/25/19: Samsung Galaxy S10+ LTE: ESM - X EMM -13 APN - X.ISPSN - Perma Roaming


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

So.... I think I got really lucky.

After chatting every day online and talking to the ticket resolution team every day (after a 45 minute hold) for a week each, I talked online to tech support, who said that I was being transferred to "order support" (I bought the phone online from Sprint).  Below is the first half of the chat (the last half had more personal details so I did not include).


While I have not received any email confirmation, my line IS now eligible for an upgrade and I don't have a "lease payment" due as per the sprint website. . . . which infers that I got really lucky and what is written below will actually happen.  


Tatiana G. has transferred your chat to a specialist for more help.

Agent Aeron enters chat

Aeron: I appreciate your patience while the chat was connected to me.

Aeron: Do you wish to chat with technical team?

You: Hello. I have been experiencing signifcant problems with the Galaxy S10, and I was told that the phone can be replaced.

You: Tatiana G.: Okay. Since you completed the troubleshoot and it doesn't work. We will need to replace the device

Aeron: I just received your transfer. Please give me just a few minutes to review the chat.

You: I've spoken with about 30 people over the past 2 weeks

Aeron: I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll help find a solution for you as quickly as possible.

You: thank you

You: Hopefully, it's a phone that works.

Aeron: I understand your concern.

Aeron: I'll be glad to help you.

Aeron: Please give me a moment to access your account information.

You: ok.

Aeron: Please help me with phone number on which S10 is active and you are experiencing an issue won it?

You:  (edited)

You: i only have one s10

You: The issue is little to no LTE data. it is a wifi device only.

You: And it's getting hot when it uses data.

You: tries to use data

Aeron: Did you turn on the cellular data in the device?

You: I have talked with 30 people in this regard. Yes, I turned on cellular data.

You: ...are you trying to troubleshoot the device or replace it? I've downloaded patches, changed and disabled numerous bands, I've refreshed it with the system 5 times, reconnected to sprint 5 times, rebooted it 100s of times, downloaded the patch which actually made things SLOWER, amongst other things.

You: So yes, I've turned on ceullar data.

Aeron: Sure. Let me check the details for you.

You: Thank you

Aeron: Thank you for waiting.

You: ok...

You: hello?

Aeron: Yes I am here

Aeron: I checked your account and can see that you purchased and activated the device on 03/01/2019 which is now out of 14days satisfaction guarantee period. As the data is not working is an know issue by Samsung which in recent day we see that data is not working in S10 devices. This is an manufacturer defect in S10 device from Samsung and they know about this issue and working on it.

After checking your account and your interaction with us, I checked with my supervisor and discuss your case and get an exception for you that we cancel this device lease in satisfaction guarantee period and send you a return kit in which you can send back this device to Sprint also I'll reset this line upgrade eligibility so that you can place new order for any other new device.

You: Okay. And I assume I'll receive a credit for the payment made on it? THank you.

Aeron: May I know the payment you paid for this device?

You: I believe it was in the monthly bill.

You: I don't believe I paid anyting out of pocket for it, just the lease payment

Aeron: I checked and can see that in your bill no charges was billed for line xxxxxxxxx (I edited)

You: Will I receive some sort of email confirmation indicating that I have an upgrade reinstated on the device and that the phone is no longer going to be billed to me?

You: Thank you again.

Aeron: Please wait allow me to do changes on your account

You: Thank you.

Aeron: Please help me with complete shipping address so that I can send you a return kit


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

I spoke to sprint to. You have the right to cancel your lease and return your phone in working order to sprint up to 60 days fe activation. Being that you're still under the one month they're probably crediting that payment to you and will lease you another phone.


I was told I had up to 60 days to return devices to sprint with their return kit. 


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

Nice that they're not making that public knowledge... I have 3 other lines, and it appears that in central Florida, the Sprint network is garbage. This is affecting Sprint more than anyone because the netowrk is so weak. I'm considering taking my family lines to Verizon or AT&T. I suppose I would have to buy the phones outright and sell them on eBay or pay to have them unlocked.

Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

Obviously he should be fine they just gave me another phone so I have to right now that I have yet to make a monthly payment on either because one's activated and a week and a half ago the other one was activated so I had to cancel a contract and sign a new lawn and even then I'm going as they took notes on my account literally 12 hours later I had to March 1st security patch update but like I said it didn't do anything! As far as coverage goes I don't have any trouble so that wasn't what I was hoping to get fixed I mean I'm basically on Wi-Fi all day and if I'm not every time I've been on Sprint or mobile data or 4G I haven't had any issues so all my issues are notification issues really! Also a few Google connection and device adding issues but that seems like more of the Google sign to me

Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

I'm with you and then I'll know and he's saying those are just kids working a minimum-wage job that are not technicians of any kind unless self-taught. So basically whatever Sprint says which is the reason why I don't talk to him because I've never had issues in the past so this is all new to me as far as having so many issues with a phone and like many other posts I think I'm just going to give it back to him. How can an S8 that's 3 years old and honestly I found that I was quite comfortable with but works completely fine you know on Wi-Fi it'll still update and the only problem is it won't give me security patch updates on the S8 anymore only S9 and forward so then again and eyesight and what's been going on it seems that the security patch only brings serious issues so maybe I'm better off just sticking with old school

Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

So it sounds like samsung is really working on this issue. Or is that just some lie sprint if feeding


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

It's a line! Read this...
From Reddit: " Sprint just commented that this was only a security patch, they did NOT want to combine the network fix with the patch. Makes it harder to troubleshoot if something else goes wrong. Expect another update soon.

As far as unlocked updates goes...according to Samsung just a few minutes ago "we don't know"!

"First of all, they have actually confirmed that build ASC8 is the network fix.

If the device is experiencing intermittent Voice/Data loss, ensure the phone has been updated to Software Version ASC8. This should alleviate the issue.

On the other hand, they have admitted the chance of potential hardware faults in some units.

If the device just stays in permanent Voice and/or Data loss, updating the software will not help. There is no troubleshooting workaround to fix this.

If you have a device that is in permanent Voice/Data loss, you will need to exchange the device per normal policies.

Affected users need to be on ASC8 build before going for RMA.

For users who exchange devices, please check to be sure that the new handset is updated to the most recent Software (ASC8) and data is working prior to leaving the store."


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

I also saw the same thing yesterday.


I went to the store and actually showed them this and they said to exchange you would still need to be in the 14 day exchange period. They would not help and kept saying I should wait it out. 


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

Extremely disappointed with how Sprint stores have been handling this. Only Asurion has been of any real help. After performing the standard troubleshooting steps via phone, I was advised to exchange the phone in-store. Went to the original store I bought my S10+, and my exchange was denied. Reason given: "We are being told not to exchange the phones. It's just a software issue." So I proceeded to inform the store manager that exchanging the phone in-store were the precise instructions given to me by Customer Care. Then I was told that I could only exchange the phone at a Sprint Tech/Repair center. So I drive another 8 miles to the Tech/Repair center, only to be told that they can't exchange it either, and that I need to exchange it at the original store I bought it at! My patience is wearing thin at this point - and I inform the employee that there is a major disconnect between Customer Service and the stores. I suggested we call Customer Care together, so we can get to the bottom of it, or at least try to figure out where this communication breakdown is. The guy didn't seem to care or want to help, but most likely the concept of resolving the issue just flew over his head. Ultimately, I called Customer Care again, explained the situation, and they graciously decided to send me a new phone via a claim at no charge. 


I've been a Sprint customer for 20 years, and this is the first time I've seriously considered changing providers. The service and knowledge and the Sprint stores are pathetic, in almost every experience I've had with them. The saving grace has always been Corporate/Customer Care via phone - where I've actually been treated like a paying customer.


Anyone else get the same run-a-around?


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

Yup. Sounds exactly like my story so far.


Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

Late to the party! Yeah. All S10's are trash. And just to catch you up Samsung and Sprint as finally addressed the Public's saying and I quote, " WE DONT KNOW" on Twitter is the CEO of Sprint actually said he was disappointed so that doesn't make you feel too great either saying that you know the man Behind what should be all of it degrees basically saying I have no ideaa SAD! Famous Brand for almost 20 years and Samsung for about 17 of those so this has made me and I say it's just timing not know what to do but I'm just trying to save you some trouble from replying and getting replies because there's 25 pages of everybody having issues with connection to Notifications till I have to phone settings on me right now that I don't even own. Sprint just gave me another one because of my obvious 20 years with a company and over $100,000 and monthly costs and sounds and everything else pain but God doesn't put me at the front of the line they kind of offered it to me they also gave me the March update as well which isn't how to everybody yet and I didn't even ask for it but it doesn't matter cuz it doesn't fix anything anyway so like I said before they don't know so welcome to the party but you can go back to what you're doing and they recommend and I'm paraphrasing but exchanging your phone but making sure it has the correct security patch on it which is what I've been saying since they gave me the second phone I've been saying I know exactly what the issue is because I watched it happen in real time . Having two of the same phone helps quite a bit but again they don't know how to fix it

Re: S10+ G975USQU1ASC8 update 3/27

So with all the frustration if you want to have a great laugh about it  call Samsung and make it a challenge to have them admit there's a problem. I started off telling the problem (knowing full well he already knew and he's a horrible liar) and of course he said have you contacted the carrier. I said yes and it's all carriers having problems of some sort. I said "come on man, just say it, just say yeah we know there's a problem  it'll make you feel better ". I could hear him smiling. I continued to try to trick him into info for my own humor cause they resuse to own up to it.


I did get a hint from him update is coming though.. Lol

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