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Visual Voicemail not working after Android PIE update


Visual Voicemail not working after Android PIE update

I applied the Android Pie update and now my Sprint Visual Voicemail app keeps crashing and won't let me listen to any voicemails that I had saved in the app.  I checked the app store and it now says the app is not compatible with my device (Samsung S9 on Sprint).  Is there a fix in the works?  This is becoming a major problem, and I have some voicemails that I need urgent access to.

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Re: Visual Voicemail not working after Android PIE update

Yes there is a fix. Android should be rolling out an update to resolve the issues that Pie has had. I don't have an exact timeline for you yet.

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Re: Visual Voicemail not working after Android PIE update

I currently lost access to my voicemail as well on my Galaxy Note 9.


I believe this is caused due to an issue with 911 location services. 

If you have never used Wi-fi calling on your phone 911 location services needs to be updated. 

If you have used Wi-Fi calling before you may need to re-register your location.


The Fix: 

I did the following to fix my visual voicemail: 

1.) Go to the settings menu and open up connections 

2.) click on Wi-Fi calling ( if this is turned off turn it on)

you will get a prompt with your phone number and location 

* If this is correct click next (if not update your information first)

you will see a message stating the following:

System update the network is preparing your services

**let this complete turn-off Wi-fi and call your voice mail from another phone to leave your self a message**

If you are still not able to receive visual voicemail go to step three:

3.) Turn on Wi-Fi calling again and dial your phone number to access your voicemail,  you will be prompted to enter in your passcode do this and listen to one message and hang-up


4.) Turn off Wi-Fi calling call your voicemail again and login with your passcode again listen to another message and hang up. 


5.) Now have someone call you and leave a message and you should see it in visual voicemail again.


Please leave me feedback and let me know if this fix worked for you. Thank-you 


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