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Voicemail Busy Signal

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Re: Voicemail Busy Signal

These people actually make things work, I spent 3 different days with different people from sprint complete, sprint care, sprint technical, and even chat with no results. It took a total of less than 15 minutes for @Katey88_Sprint and @OldGreg_Sprint to solve my problem. Thanks guys!


Re: Voicemail Busy Signal

We're glad to be of service! Thanks for stopping back by to share your experience for others who run into similar situations down the road! 🙂


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Re: Voicemail Busy Signal




 I am having the same issue as the users above.  I have a current case# with technical support that was created a couple of days ago from CustomerCare chat.  Are y'all able to help me any quicker?


Thank you,


Sprint Social Care

Re: Voicemail Busy Signal

AdamGuy88 - I can take a quick look for you. My name is Juan, I am part of the Sprint social care team. Please send us a private message with your name, account holder's name, phone number, security PIN or the answer to the security question on the account.

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