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coverage issues with new galaxy S10 plus


coverage issues with new galaxy S10 plus

  • Issue: Signal issues with the Samsung Galaxy S10plus-Data, calls, and text


  • Purchase date of the new phone- 3/21/2019


  • Issue: I have been a sprint customer for 8 years. I use my phone for both business and personal. 70% of the time I am not able to get coverage at my place of work.  Prior to the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus I had the Galaxy 8 which I also experienced signal issues but never to the level of my current device. I upgraded to the new galaxy S10plus in April.  I began experiencing issues as soon I received the new phone and these issues only progressed and continued to get worse which has now lead to my frustration and escalation.


Before contacting Sprint I did the following with hopes of resolving the issue.


  • Turn off/ on mobile data
  • Turn off and on airplane mode
  • Check for updates
  • Update profile
  • Update PRL
  • Applied updates once available
  • Reset phone

None of the above troubleshooting steps worked which lead to my 1st contact with Sprint on 4/8th.  I explained the situation to the customer service agent who did the basic troubleshooting steps none of which worked, as a result, I was transferred to technical support for additional assistance. Once i reached tech support they did the above troubleshooting steps with me none of which worked.  Based on my research I found out that there is a known connectively issue which affects data, text as well this was also confirmed by the customer service agent as well.


On Thursday 4/ 15th I went to the SPRINT (corporate store) with hopes of resolving my issue.  I was informed by the sales associate that there was a known issue with the Galaxy S10 and to wait for the galaxy update which should correct the problem, once the update became available I updated my device which did not resolve the issue.


I once again contacted customer service  on 4/30th   as the service continued to get worse.  I requested to speak with a supervisor hoping to get a resolution I was informed by the supervisor that my only option was to file an insurance claim. I denied the option to file an Assurant claim as this was not my issue but a known issue with this device and felt that Sprint should have been able to resolve this by simply sending me out a new phone.


On 4/25th I once again contacted customer service who advised me that was going to file a ticket for a replacement which would take approximately 8-10 days to receive the replacement phone. On Wednesday 5/8th I contacted customer service to find out why I haven’t received my replacement device as of yet. I was then informed by the agent that they only put in a note for the phone but did not submit a service request for me to receive the replacement device. The agent advised me that she will assist with sending me out the replacement of the phone, she placed me on hold to gain permission from a supervisor, she returned to the phone with an alternative solution. She advised me that they now have a tool that would be able to diagnose the phone, as a result, I would need to go to the repair store to get this diagnostic done on the phone. If the phone was deemed bad after diagnostic testing was performed she assured me that it would not go against my insurance as a replacement.  I went back to the sprint store and the rep advised me that the phone would need to be replaced because it failed the diagnostic test. He said he can submit a ticket for the phone to be replaced with the following conditions-

  • Was advised that the phone would be a blue refurbished phone if available, the claim would be processed through insurance.
  • The phone would arrive within 4-7 days


As a business owner,  it is quite frustrating that not only am I losing valuable time in my day but I also spent several hours of my day at the sprint store or speaking with customer service agents.  I am extremely exhausted, frustrated and disappointed with no resolution in sight and the continued inconsistency in resolution provided by each service agent.


I contacted customer service to informed them about the diagnostic test that was done at the store. The service agent advised me that they would assist me by sending out a replacement phone and process it on the back end since the diagnostic test was failed.   After being on the phone for over 50 minutes  I was transferred to Assurant to complete the process.  The insurance agent gathered information from me and advised me that since the diagnostic test was failed they would process the replacement for me.  Finally, I thought that my phone issue would be finally resolved but this was not the case. I was now informed by the insurance agent that she would have to process the claim as a repair ticket vs replacement however I would need to ship the phone out. Once again, this is an unacceptable option as I cannot do without a phone until the insurance company decides to complete their testing.


The above alternative conditions provided to me by Assurant insurance was not acceptable nor would it work for me base on the type of work that I do. It is inconceivable to me that Sprint fails to provide me with a new phone base on the fact that their diagnostic test proved that the phone was indeed defective. The right thing to do was to provide me with a loaner while replacing/fixing whatever the issue is with the new device I just purchased. Very disappointing. Shame on SPRINT. I need a resolution




Re: coverage issues with new galaxy S10 plus

Wow yeah I completely understand that frustration of not having a working phone. The only reason I can think for them to not replace your phone is that the s10 is on back order right now. Do you have an older model phone that we could switch you to in the mean time?

"Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I'm feeling a connection."

Re: coverage issues with new galaxy S10 plus

I understand your frustration as I'm also going through the same thing. Asurion has replaced my phone 3 times already and I'm still having the same issues. I love the phone but I'm getting to the point where a completely new phone would be my next request.

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