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unlock samsung s7 outside US without sprint sim


unlock samsung s7 outside US without sprint sim


I've purchased a Samsung S7 out side of the US and after factory resetting the phone found its a sprint locked device (at the store it was sold as a unlocked phone, but had a "custom" firmware which seemed legit... found out only when trying to update/ install Netflix that device was not original FW ), can you help me unlock the phone/ understand what have they sold me? I can provide IEMI and any other information.


the phone shop isn't willing to refund my purchase and I'm in contact with local consumer protection agency to litigate against them.


is there any assistance you can give me regarding my issue as I'm not a sprint customer, but have a phone locked to you're network?


many thanks


Re: unlock samsung s7 outside US without sprint sim

Good morning. I might be able to help you with this. Since you bought the phone from a local store, I don't know if you could verify the info I need. Here's some tips for unlock SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks I'm going to send you a PM to get some more info. 


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