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Importing Contacts to your Sanyo Taho

Sprint Product Ambassador

The Sanyo Taho supports up to 600 contacts - quite a few!  But, there's no simple way to connect it to your GMail or Outlook address book and slurp in all those contacts -- you have to T9 your thumbs into a bloody pulp entering all those contacts.

Or do you?

The Taho has a relatively undocumented feature in the firmware -- it knows what VCF files are, and will import your contacts from a VCF group file!

So, do what?

VCF files are just a way to group a bunch of contact info into a machine readable text file.  How do you get one?

First, export your contacts from Outlook or GMail to a CSV file.


Gmail:  Contacts - More Actions - Export - CSV  (the VCF file that GMail generates doesn't work out of the box).

Now, open that CSV file in Excel and clean out the dreck.  Titles, notes, addresses, email, everything but name and number.  This is a basic phone and you don't need all that extra stuff.  Once you're done, save it out as a CSV file again.    Now, find that CSV file and open it in Notepad (Right click, open with, Notepad).  Select all, copy and go to your web browser and visit:

Paste in the CSV data you just copied, click on tab two to set the mappings, then tab 3 to convert to VCF.  Select all, copy and paste into a new text file.  Choose File - Save As and enter 'contacts.VCF'.  Be sure the file extention is VCF, not txt or vcf.txt.  If it's txt it won't work.

You've got your VCF file ready to copy!

Finally, connect the phone to your PC.  Choose "USB Connect" when you first plug the phone in.  Some drivers will get installed and you'll see the phone pop up in Explorer as a removable drive.

Copy the VCF file you just created to the phone (Drive E:\).  Chose 'disconnect' from the phone.

Now you can import the contacts - hit the center button to go to your menu, choose Tools, (6) Memory Settings, (2) File Manager, then (2) Memory Card.  You'll see 'contacts.vcf' there.  Click it tap 'Yes' to import the file!

After a few minutes you will have all of your phone numbers quickly imported into the phone.

Got questions?  Post a comment!