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Kyocera DuraXT Software Updates

VersionRelease DateDescription of Enhancement/Fix

- Improved SDC coverage when device is in weak coverage areas

- Scanlock enhancement - will no longer receive missed TeamDC call notice for excluded groups

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- International call available

- Access browser crashes

- DC distortion

- DC chirps when vibrate all is on

- Scan lock design update

- DC call notifications

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- Performance improvements for 3rd party applications

- Deleting CMAS messages prior to the time expiration

- Periodic device reset during DC call 

- Outgoing DC calls launch after using navigation key assigned to contacts

- DC connectivity improvements in weak signal areas

- Ringtone not playing via headset for an incoming DC call

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- Enable DC (Direct Connect) over 1x and on domestic roaming

- Notifications for invitations to Opt In to Team DC will not be silenced when keytones are silenced

- Notification when being contacted via DC or when you have the floor to talk, will not be silenced when  

    incoming call/ringer is silenced

- Missed DC call should not play tone

- Added display option to notify when user is available (for UFMI calls)

- Clearing DNS (Doman Name System or IP Address) cache should not impact handset registration

- When going out of EVDO coverage, the phone should not appear to remain in the call

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1.100sp6/10/2012Initial release

Update your software:

1. From the home screen, press the OK key

2. Scroll to Tools and press the OK key

3. Scroll to Update Phone and press the OK key

4. Press the OK key with Update Firmware highlighted

5. Your phone will check for new firmware updates and if available, download them to your phone

Check the version on your phone:

1. From the home screen, press the OK key

2. Scroll to Settings and press the OK key

3. Scroll to Phone Info and press the OK key

4. Scroll to Version and press the OK key

5. Scroll down to view the software version

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