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2/10 - Sanyo SCP-2700 Maintenance Release - 1.007SP


2/10 - Sanyo SCP-2700 Maintenance Release - 1.007SP

Sanyo 2700 Maintenance Release - 1.007SP

- Updated roaming settings

Check the version on your phone
   1. From the Home screen, select the Main menu by pressing the Menu/OK key
   2. Select Settings, and then press Menu/OK
   3. Select Phone Info, and then press Menu/OK
   4. Select Version, and then press Menu/OK
   5. Software Version will be listed in the format 1.XXXSP

Update your software
   1. From the Home screen, select the Main menu by pressing the Menu/OK key
   2. Select Tools, and then press Menu/OK
   3. Select Update Phone, and then press Menu/OK
   4. Select Update Firmware, and then press Menu/OK
   5. The following message appears, Checking for firmware update. Please wait...
   6. You will be prompted to install the update after it is downloaded to your phone.


Re: 2/10 - Sanyo SCP-2700 Maintenance Release - 1.007SP

WHat about the little problem of this model not liking to take a charge from the charger?   I'm on my third defective phone that won't take a charge, at all.   GOing back to sprint every three days to trade in my phone is just a tad inconvenient, and I'm afraid I might need to use my phone more often sometimes so it would have to be daily.   Of course, my Sprint place may just be giving me back the same phone, assuming I'm just a liar, but this is getting really, really old.   (Oh, and the two phones before that -- the first lasted seven months, the other... not a single charge... had the same problem so I am thinking they are an internally similar model with the same defect.)   A little like TOyotas only a **lot** more common of a problem.


Re: 2/10 - Sanyo SCP-2700 Maintenance Release - 1.007SP

My phone will not let me download the update and now it won't even connect to the internet. I want to send my phone in but at school there isnt a sprint store thats closer than a two hour drive and I just don't have the time. I tried calling the sprint operator earlier today only for it to tell me the number isn't in service. Im on my fourth charger and can't just keep putting out for new ones. This phone gives me so much problems I'm just about ready to pay the ETF and end the contract. I have taken my phone to the stores for repair and it has made no difference. Calling people when I'm not even touching the phone, or hanging up when i click the button on the side to check the time. In my opinion I pay too much for a company that won't fix my phone even when I bought the extra insurance just incase.


Re: 2/10 - Sanyo SCP-2700 Maintenance Release - 1.007SP

Do you mean don't have a land line?  I don't, either, but I'm going to get one.

It's pretty clear that this model is defective -- but I guess Sprint is taking its lessons from Toyota.

Problem? What problem?   Recall?  Why?  That would be bad PR! 

This is a lower-end phone anyway... welp, as I told the guy when I brought it in the first time I was ready to upgrade to a smartphone -- but aside from *telling* me again and again and again how much he "wanted" me to have a phone that worked, there were no actions taken that I have any reason to believe will be effective, since they didn't work the first or the second or the third or the fourth time previously. Bump my "upgrade eligible" date?  Nope (and I would ahve signed up for two more years -- but that was before the hours wasted on consecutive plastic bricks that they're calling phones and the unsatisfactory dealings with their customer service).

   I have to infer that this is commonplace, since there was also absolutely no attempt to find a way to make my experience satisfactory... such as providing something besides a so-called refurbished model.   They will have a "different" phone -- but that has also been tried.  If it has the same defect, I'll have the same problem.

    It's time to leave the Sprint world.  For the cash I lay out... it won't take many months to balance out the termination fee. I'll read up on reliability.

   Just as Toyota is hurting despite many other good business practices, the execrable phone quality renders other positive elements of Sprint moot. Bottom line:  I'm paying to be able to call people.  Sprint makes that impossible, for reasons they are clearly well aware of, but have decided aren't worth correcting.  I have to correct it myself.

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