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Backup and Restore the contacts on your Sprint Sanyo Katana DLX (SCP-8500)


Backup and Restore the contacts on your Sprint Sanyo Katana DLX (SCP-8500)

The contacts in your mobile phone are critical to you. You may have hundreds of listings and, in the event of catastrophe, you may find yourself with no backup or with the tedious task of manually re-entering each contact.

Sprint offers an online backup service of your contact file which, not surprisingly, costs you $7.00/month. Thats $84.00 a year! With a little patience, you can keep that money in your pocket and retain control of your phone. I will attempt to walk you through the process, after giving you a little real-world example of what brought me here

My current phone a Sanyo VI2300, has served me well. But after 4 years of dependable service, the keys were beginning to fail so, having been a committed Sprint customer for 8 years, I upgraded my phone for another 2 year contract term.

Id already been using Bitpim phone management software, along with a USB data cable, to manage the contacts, wallpaper, and ringtones on my VI2300. Once I received the Katana DLX, I set to work to begin moving my contacts over.

The first thing I discovered was an amazing lack of information specific to the Katanas contact file. At every turn, Sprint wants you to sign up for the online backup service. Next, I discovered that, while the USB data cable I had for the VI2300 would work with the Katana, the Katana is not yet supported by the Bitpim software.

I was beginning to believe I was out of luck when I came across a reference that the Katanas contact file is in .vcf format. I then discovered that the Katana allows you to restore this file to the phone via the Bluetooth OBEX (Object Exchange) Object Push capability.

So, the key now is how to get your contact file into .vcf format. Heres how to get your contact list into your Katana

The solution I used is Bitpim, since Im already familiar with the software (and its free open source!)

If you already have your contact file in Bitpim, all you need to do on the Bitpim menue - is chose

File > Export > vCards. Select the vCard v3.0 dialect, then click the All (contacts) radio button. Be sure you note where the file is being exported to or, as I did, save it the desktop.

Now, connect the phone to your My Bluetooth Places on your desktop. When you open the window dialogue you should see an option for OBEX Object Push

Double click on the OBEX Object Push. This will open a dialogue Select a Bluetooth Business Card. You will see the default selected for Microsoft Outlook. (If you have Outlook, a second dialogue may open informing you that a program is trying to acees email addresses in Outlook. Simply click on No.) On the dialogue window is a radio button to Select a business card from a file (*.vcf, *.vxd) Select that, and then browse to the .vcf on your desktop, or wherever you stored the file originally.

The Katana knows what to do with the file from here. Once the file transfer is complete, cycle the Katana off and on. When you go to your Contacts, you should see your complete file there.

Backing up your contact file to the microSD card is very easy

Go to: Tools > File Manager > microSD Options > Save Phone Book

Then select YES to Save to microSD All Data.

This saves your contact file to the SD_PIM folder on your memory card in the following format: mmddyy_hhmm.vcf.

Once you have this file, you can easily IMPORT the file into Bitpim to make any additions, deletions or other changes before restoring it back to the phone as described above.

Get Bitpim here:

I hope this helps some of my fellow Sprint Katana owners to take back control of your phone, and to keep nice chunk of change in your pocket!


Re: Backup and Restore the contacts on your Sprint Sanyo Katana DLX (SCP-8500)

Wireless backup is $2 a month not $7. however always good to have other options

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