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Help: New to Kyocera Echo - Flashing Dialpad and other questions


Help: New to Kyocera Echo - Flashing Dialpad and other questions


I got my new Kyocera Echo, yesterday.  It's a nice smartphone that uses the Android OS.  It may well be because I'm new to using a smartphone, but I notice a couple of annoyances.  I thought this would be a good place to ask. Here are my questions:

1.  When I'm on the phone with someone, I notice the dial screen would flash on and off.  Typically, I have the phone placed by my ear; where I wear a hearing aid.  I checked the settings and can't find anything to control this.  I've found a screen timeout setting but left it at the default of 15 sec. Is this normal?  I'm more used to seeing the screen stay on and not flash when on the phone. It only happen when I'm actually talking with someone or on "Hold". What am I missing?

2. I have poor vision and have benefitted from my old phone's "key echo" feature. That is, I'd press a key and the phone would repeat the number I dialed. Great for when dialling a friend's # or some other #.  On the Kyocera, I could not find such a feature, nor could I find a feature dealing with improving font sizes.  Is there an Android app for any of this?  BTW, the #s on the Kyocera's dialpad are a great size.  I'm more concerned about the text in the browser, email and when messaging.  What can I do?

I visited the Android App Market and can see the possibility; however I'd like to know what can be done to make this phone more easier for a guy who's nearsighted.  For normal browsing, I use Windows 7 built in fullscreen magnifier; so this will help when I use my phone as a modem.  


Help: New to Kyocera Echo - Flashing Dialpad and other questions


          I did check the phone, there is a proximity sensor by the earpiece part of the phone. While your on the call and have your ear pressed against the phone the screen will stay dim, once you move your ear from the phone the screen will light up.

          If you go into your menu > settings > acessibility. You can install certain apps there that might help you from the Android Market.

If you need anymore help getting set up on your new phone. You can visit a local service and repair location FrustratedTORELOCATOR for hands on Ready Now training. They will show you the ins and outs of your phone.

Thank you,


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