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How do I download Sanyo Vero pictures to my computer?


How do I download Sanyo Vero pictures to my computer?

How do I find and download a driver for Windows 7 that will support transferring photos from my Sanyo Vero phone to my computer? An extensive web search hasn't found a solution. The computer wants a driver!

I do NOT want to print them immediately, save them to a 3rd party site, e-mail them to myself, or anything of that nature. I simply want to transfer the photos to a file of my choice on my PC. I have the Data/Charging USB cable from the Sprint store, where I was assured that the process would be as simple as downloading pics from my camera. Obviously, that is not the case. Sprint tech told me I can't do this with my phone. I can't believe that some ... person(s) designed a camera phone that won't download the photos.

Rather than rant on, I'll just ask for some help here. Thank you in advance.


Re: How do I download Sanyo Vero pictures to my computer?

The Sanyo Vero does not have USB mass storage mode or driver software, so you cannot do any data transfer via USB cable to/from your computer. Another option may be is to send the pictures  via email. Once they are sent to your email, then you should have the option to save the image to your PC.


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