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How to get Pictures off Phone? Sanyo SCP 3100


How to get Pictures off Phone? Sanyo SCP 3100

Hi All,

About to transition to a new phone and there seems no obvious way to get my many pics offmy phone.

If the Pictures are "In Camera" the phone lets you Upload to an Online album.

But.....if the pics are "Save to Phone" there are absolutely no options at all to upload, orto even email the pics.

Any suggestions. I am wondering if there is a data cable I can use to sync to PC.



Re: How to get Pictures off Phone? Sanyo SCP 3100

When I go to my pics In Camera, I see a Send option on the bottom left of the screen. Any there for you? Or, after you place a check mark in the pic, you can use the Options and choose upload.

As far as your data cable question, I have searched for one also and cannot find one. I find ones online that SAY that they fit the 3100, but when I get them, the piece does not seat in to the phone correctly. It fits, but does not click in, and does not work. Looks just like the charger, but no go. Hope that helps.

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