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How to transfer non-commercial ringtones to Sanyo SCP-3810?


How to transfer non-commercial ringtones to Sanyo SCP-3810?

Just got this phone, and I want to add some ringtones I have created. Sprint customer service told me that the phone uses MP3 ringtones, so I saved my files as MP3s.

I can't get them to transfer via Bluetooth or via data cable.

When I try Bluetooth I get an error message that "Windows is unable to transfer the file. This Bluetooth device or computer cannot process files of this type." I tried using MP3s first, then WAVs, MIDIs, and everything else in the toolbox. Still no file transfers.

When I try the data cable the computer can't see the phone despite my having downloaded Susteen drivers for the cable. The cable *does* charge the phone now, but that's not much help.

How can I transfer my own music/ringtones into this phone?

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