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My sanyo won't hold a charge


My sanyo won't hold a charge

   On  Friday, February 5, I realized that although I had charged  mySprint  Sanyo  phone all night, it did not have any charge at all.   On  Saturday, February 6, I went to the Sprint store in CHampaign and was  informed that for the replacement of my Sprint Sanyo phone,  merited by  the insurance I was paying an extra fee to Sprint  for, I  would need to  g o  tothe SPrint store in Urbana.  
    I went tothe Sprint store  Urbana and Aaron tested  my Sanyo battery  and declared the Sanyo unit to be sound, and there fore the Sanyo phone  needed to be replaced, but it would not be available until Tuesday.
    The assorted   blizzards paused long enough for me to go out to the  Sprint store  and get the Sanyo phone on Tuesday, February 8.   I caught  up on my messages and was able to make phone calls on the Sanyo phone  from Sprint … for a day and a half.
    By Thursday, it was clear that this Sanyo phone from sprint too,  would not accept a charge.   I have two chargers; neither worked, and I  used different outlets.
    I called SPrint and a new (refurbished) Sanyo phone was waiting for  me this time, since I requested one that was in stock so that I would  not have further time without a phone.
     I picked up the Sprint  SCP-2700 and it was functional...
    … for a day or two.  You see this SCP-2700 phone from Sprint also  failed to hold a charge.  
   I work until 6:00 some nights so that even sprinting on my bicycle, I  can’t get all the way to teh Sprint store.    I went back Saturday and a  new battery was put into  the SCP-2700  phone.  I also got a new  charger.
    This model of the SCP-2700 phone from Sprint worked.
    For a day or two.   Unfortunately, it would not hold a charge.
    I went back to the Sprint  store on Thursday,  February 17 and  picked up a new (refurbished) SCP-2700  phone and a new battery.
     This worked, except for one small problem.
     The battery  for this Sany SCP-2700 phone from Sprint will not accept a charge.  
     Thinking that I might be doing something wrong in my attempts to  charge, I looked for information.   I found rather many questions on the  Sprint support, asking “What’s wrong with my  SCP-2700?  It won’t take a  charge!”
    It seems i have been sold not one, not two, not three, but four  defective telephones in succession, though arguably, since the first  phone lasted 7 whole months, it was not as completely defective.  Sprint  has not provided the service I am paying for. I would like to terminate  this contract without penalty at this time so that I can find a  provider that will offer telephone service that does not require riding  across town for a new phone every few days. If that’s not possible, I  will continue to get my phone replaced and search for ways to enhance  the broadcasting of my experience

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