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Not recieving texts?


Not recieving texts?

I just got this phone yesterday. The Sanyo 2700, I love this phone and all the buttons for texting because I text my friends alot since they all moved away. I texted 3 people when I first got it, and then after a few hours I wondered why they weren't texting back. I turned it off then back on and nothing, then I took the battery out and placed it back in and thought maybe that would help it but nothing. The only texts I can recieve are from emails and from other sprint phones. I'm just really confused, I get unlimited texting so why isn't it working?

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Re: Not recieving texts?

Try reprovisioning data. Look for a menu option called "Update Profile" under Settings or Tools.  It might be under a sub menu too - or check the user manual to find out where it is.

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