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Roaming of Innuendo


Roaming of Innuendo

I want to STOP my Sanyo/Kyocera INNUENDO from going into and out of Roaming.  Never mind the booklet that came with the phone. There, you are told to select Sprint, and not Automatic or Roaming from the MODE menu. Forget it, the choices do not exist.


Re: Roaming of Innuendo

It's there... just like the user guide says, I just checked on the demo phone here in the store.

Setting Roam Mode

Your phone allows you to control your roaming capabilities. By using the Roaming menu option, you can determine which signals your phone accepts.

Choose from two different settings on your phone to control your roaming experience.

1. Highlight Home and press Menu/OK > Settings > Others > Roaming > Set Mode.

2. Select an option:

  • Sprint Only to access only the Nationwide Sprint Network and prevent roaming on other network.
  • Automatic to seek service on the Nationwide
    Sprint Network. When Sprint service is
    unavailable, the phone searches for an alternate
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