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Sanyo Incognito and Sprint - A review


Sanyo Incognito and Sprint - A review

I've always been a Sanyo phone fan, they after all have the best radios (reception) and nice strong hinges on the 'flip'.

The Incognito is an interesting concept - touch sensitive outer keypad that vanishes. Kinda cool (as long as its dark).

1st the likes:

- Has that famous Sanyo "snap" when opening or closing (nice and solid)

- Glides into pants or shirt pocket, smooth outer body helps this

- No real need for a 'glove' as there are only 4 external controls

- 'Full size' keyboard with tactile feel

- Calender will sync with Google


- Can't see the outer keypad in anything but DARK

- WTH? The outer controls are on the BOTTOM portion of the phone making using thumb/finger impossible

- The volume control will randomly turn into some sort of unwanted missed call/contact/whatever scroll button

- WTH? You have to open the flip to take a picture

- The camera is right where your finger normally is - finger prints and finger pictures anyone?

- The included 'Sprint one touch' scrolling menu is more of a pain than anything else

- The inside screen is not full size

- The 'D PAD' sucks for playing games

- It might say 'Sanyo' on the label, but this is not a SANYO radio - reception is poor

- Getting the thing to open is a pain

- Calender will only sync with Google

- Corporate Email costs $$ extra

- Myspace app won't allow me to login

- Many 'apps' are simply 'weblinks' which bring up the crappy browser

- Sprint is now including ADVERTISEMENTS on their webpages (sic)

So what might of been a 1/2 way decent phone Sprint in their nickle&dime wisdom have crippled the thing. FORGET about running any free streaming .JAR applications - they won't work. FORGET about using Google maps, Gwmaps or any FREE mapping application - they won't work. Also forget any free Email, chat or other .JAR applications - they won't work.

I moved from a Sanyo 8400 to a Palm 800w back to my 8400 to the Incognito. I was pleased to see I could get email on the phone - only to be CRUSHED to find out that it'd cost me an additional $9.99 A MONTH for the same feature I got for free on my 800w.

The phone is capible of doing all sorts of things HOWEVER you need to RENT MONTHLY the application from SPRINT to be able to do it.

I can actually do MORE with my 5yo Sanyo 8400 than I currently can with my Incognitio.

If Verizon and ATT did not completely suck in my area, my business would be with one of them.



Re: Sanyo Incognito and Sprint - A review

TBH this phone is a pecie of garbage. I've had nothing but trouble with it since I got it.


Re: Sanyo Incognito and Sprint - A review

Great review!   If you get a chance, can you add that to our Ratings and Reviews site?

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