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Sanyo Katana Eclipse & picture mail


Sanyo Katana Eclipse & picture mail

I have a Sanyo Katana Eclipse when i get picture mail with sound it only plays for about 10 Secs

on my phone. I can forward the same pciture mail to my nieghbor which is on sprint but has a

diffrent phone and it plays the sound thru. Is there a way to change this on my phone to play

longer  or is that the way the Katana Eclipse phones are?


Re: Sanyo Katana Eclipse & picture mail

Verify software version on the device. Upgrade to software version 1.007XP or most recent version.If you have the latest software version either you can call Technical Support or visit Sprint Repair store to do a diagnostic test on the phone.


Re: Sanyo Katana Eclipse & picture mail

Because it's a picture with attached sound it whould be considered an Enhanced Text Message, Enhanced Text Messages are an extension to the text messaging system that permit extra content to be included on supported mobile phones. Ring tones, sound clip, pictures and simple text formatting can be sent along with the enhanced text message to those mobile phones. I don't belive your phone supports them, I'll look and see if I can find out.

You can view them at

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