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Sanyo SCP-3100


Sanyo SCP-3100

It was time to renew my wife's service and she wanted a new phone. We were given the option of a free Sanyo SCP-3100 which appealed to my wife for the camera. After using it for several weeks, we began to notice a pattern of her asking me to repeat questions and me eventually screaming into my phone in order for her to understand me.

We are convinced that this is a pretty crummy phone. Has anyone else experienced this problem with this phone and what do you suggest are our options. We've had the phone for about 5 weeks now...we are very light wireless users. Will the Sprint Kiosk take the phone back?




Re: Sanyo SCP-3100

Sanyo-Has thebest reputationall around on Sprint...I would do an exchange 1st.

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