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Tethering a Sanyo Pro 700 (or any Sprint Phone)?


Tethering a Sanyo Pro 700 (or any Sprint Phone)?

I currently have a free and clear sprint plan with a sanyo pro 700 phone.  The phone is fantastic, as far as basic phones go, but Im traveling heavily over the next 3 months and could really use a 3G connection to my laptop.  After some investigating it appears my options are all over the place.

After talking with 3 sprint reps, each less informed than the first, I thought I'd put the question out there to avid forum people.

This is what I have gathered from my 3 sprint sources but none could corroborate the others' story (as of 9/10/09):

-Apparently I can add in phone data service for $15/month

-Tethering may be possible on certain phone models with 3G and Bluetooth (which the pro700 is) under the $15/mo plan with a 5GB cap

-Blackberry software does some kind of tethering, although no one really could explain what that meant

-An aircard can be purchased either through sprint or a 3rd party BUT activation will require at least a one year contract regardless of purchase place

-Aircard contracts are $80/mo w/ 1yr commitment and $60/mo w/ 2 year commitment

The best information I have found is a list of phones that support the phone-as-modem service here:

But that doesnt answer everything else.  Point by point - can anyone back up any of these claims?  Does sprint even offer tethering on any phone?

If anyone from Sprint is listening, you really need to train your employees.  0/3 - and I mean no one knew what I was talking about.  There was a huddle of 6 employees on my third try at the store, each dumbfounded by these questions, unable to even sell their own services.  Yowza.

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