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Troubleshoot common issues on your Sanyo Innuendo by Kyocera


Troubleshoot common issues on your Sanyo Innuendo by Kyocera

I've been staying with Sanyo for many years and found them to be pretty sturdy, if not relatively basic.  When I changed to the Innuendo, I thought I was upgrading for the better.  The innuendo will not let you change it's ringtones to any other EXCEPT those you have to purchase from Sprint.  The outer touch pad can drive you insane.  It will start dialing numbers while it's in your pocket.  The touch screen will sometimes work and sometimes not.  You try to redail a number and it will not do it.  Then it will dial a number but won't let you hang up!  You have to open the phone and push the end button.  You try to bring up the directory on the outside screen and it goes to everywhere except where you want to go.  You can forget about answering a text with the outer screen.  It will do everything except what you want it to.  The inner screen will sometimes jump to miniaturized views of web pages.  Even if you reset it, it will eventually go back to views you cannot read!  Then when you try to manuever the mouse, you will numerous times hit the end button, making you have to start all over again.  Don't they ever test these phones before making them?  Or even sell them?  Maybe it's time for me to go with a different brand or else a different service.

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