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sanyo scp-2700


sanyo scp-2700

i wrote a ditty/email, that is sitting in my outbox, on my sanyo scp-2700, because apparently, the ditty contains too much data to send from my phone, with it's limited capacity to send and recieve data, --- so, i want to download the ditty/email onto my computer, to continue to tweek it and send it from the computer, -- IS IT POSSIBLE TO DOWNLOAD THE EMAIL/DITTY, BY GOING INTO MY SPRINT ACCOUNT AS I'M DOING NOW ON THE COMPUTER, AND EITHER SENDING IT FROM HERE, OR DOWNLOADING IT - AND IF SO, - HOW?



Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: sanyo scp-2700

No, the 2700 does not share text / email with

You will have to manually transcribe it from the phone to another place.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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