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5/9 - Sanyo Zio Maintenance Release - 2.201SP (Android 2.2 re-release)


5/9 - Sanyo Zio Maintenance Release - 2.201SP (Android 2.2 re-release)

Sanyo Zio (SCP-8600) Maintenance Release - 2.201SP Froyo

This update is a re-release of 2.200SP Froyo (Android 2.2). 

  • Devices currently on 2.200 do not need to apply this update
  • Devices on 1.008SP, 1.016SP,  or 1.017SP do need to apply this update  

- Android 2.2, Froyo
- Install applications to external storage (SD card)
- Improved Bluetooth device support (voice dialing, sharing contacts, BT enabled car & deskdocs)
- Swype as a keyboard option for texting (press and hold any text field and select
  Input Method > Swype in the message window)>br / >- Keyboard support for multiple languages
- Tips widget on home screen
- Dedicated shortcut for home, apps, and browser
- Updated wallpapers
- Camera and Gallery updates: picture stacks, zoom, white balance, and focus/exposure
- Exchange: Password policy support, remote wipe, calendar, auto-discovery, GAL look-up
- Integration of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser application
- Android market update with batch and automatic update features
- Improved battery life by supporting fast dormant function
- Freezing / Locking up issue
- Sprint ID update including improvement in activation process
- Sprint Zone 2.5.5
- Backlight brightness issue
- SSD authentication issue

Important Notes:
- Software version is 2.201, Android 2.2 Froyo
- Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within 4 days

- It is recommended to use Wi-Fi, if possible, to complete the 2.201 SP update
- Refer to the Sanyo Zio Maintenance Release blog for install instructions.  The 2.201

  update is a 3 part process; please follow instructions to ensure all parts are

  successfully installed.

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