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Error Code 2048 and 3000


Error Code 2048 and 3000

I have been recieving the error code 2048 and 3000 quite often this last week 10/23 - 10/26. Then when service comes back I will be roaming. If not roaming then I only have 1x signal instead of 3G. The towers in my area were updated a month ago and I updated all PRL, Profile. etc.   What is causing this?

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Re: Error Code 2048 and 3000

Network Busy and Network Timeout, from the Sprint Network Handset Network Error Codes document.

Not related to your phone - but sounds like trouble at the tower or central switch.  You can post a question in the space with your location and one of our techs may be able to find a current or ongoing issue, or open a trouble ticket for your network problem.



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