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Sprint responses


Sprint responses

To all frustrated customers, if you haven't seen this, the sprint forum being monitored and there is a big STOP in red to postings. go to make sprint better link and you will see they are getting really angry at us and claiming they are working on it, as previously stated, I understand the limitations of the employees, However, they need to see we are allowed to express our blogs. Otherwise, why they at sprint just don't  shut it down. I am sorry we make you upset. but, we don't live in a communist country. No one agrees, and some are frustrated at the issues unresolved. You are hidding behind a call center which ever one we get all over the country and out at the foreign ones. Sprint is collecting taxes and not paying them for seven years. You what happens if the ex's office they shgut down jobs, because they don't want to pay the taxes. Tell me how fair this is ? WSJ newspaper reported thjis on Aug 6th 2012/

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