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error code 67 on sanyo zio


error code 67 on sanyo zio

my sanyo zio keeps pooping up a error code 67 say failure to register how do i get rid of it ive tried reseting the phone but didnt work


error code 67 on sanyo zio

Probably  you data services may be locked  and trying or access data service will give out that error message and will lock your data services..You can call Care so that we can check in our system whether data services is locked or not. I would say give couple of hrs and then update profile and try web.


error code 67 on sanyo zio

To further explain - you are not doing anything wrong that causes a lockout.  If you pull your battery and wait 45 minutes and then insert battery, power device on and update profile it will usually fix itself if you did have a lockout.  There are numerous account and system activities that cause lockouts.  A username and password can get out of sync and then when the device keeps retrying it won't allow long enough before it tries again and repeated attempts cause lockouts.  Without calling in to customer care pulling the battery for 45 minutes is the only way to really fix it yourself. 


Hope this helps,


Sprint Advanced Tech Support

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