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sanyo zio signal and other problems

sanyo zio signal and other problems


i am a sanyo zio owner for 1 year and another grueling year before i can switch it out for something that actually works. the main issue is the signal: i recently got an airvana airrave and that solved my problems for in home signal but not outside. of my family i always have the worst signal, my mom also has a zio but the signal is a tiny bit better i dont know why. my dad's evo always has a decent amount of signal probably because he has a better qualcomm card installed. is there any way to improve my signal outside of home? and also is their a way to overclock this phone beyond 600 mhz cause i have setcpu and thats as far as it goes.

thank you


Re: sanyo zio signal and other problems

I think it is the phone itself because i have had mine for almost 2 years and my service sucks. I can't wait until my contract is up because I am going to another company. Sprint has done nothing to better the service that this phone receives. I drop calls all the time


Re: sanyo zio signal and other problems

That's unfortunate because you don't understand how to use it's functionabilities. I have had my Zio for 2 years and it works perfectly. As a matter of fact I have stumbled upon many features I was unaware of. 90% of the time if you would just call Customer Service, they can guide you as they have guided me through step by step operations to get the results of Picture taking, videos, 3 way, music, Web browsing and email for Yahoo and Google. This phone is perfect if you just ask you'll learn to use all of it's capabilities and enjoy your phone as I have


Re: sanyo zio signal and other problems

Hi can I weighin? I have had the same problems, the airave does help at home with a wifi connection. yet the person cribeat that answered this is obviously had not experienced any of these . glitches. good for him! however, anyway, the   zio was pulled a long time ago, because of the software problems and the mergere of sanyo with kyocera company.

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