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12189 - Week #2 of frequent outages


12189 - Week #2 of frequent outages

It has no been three months straight that If I turn of WiFi I can do nothin except text on  IPhone 6.  Called every 3 weeks for past three months told tower is down and being upgraded and shows tech working on it in their system but it has never improved. Once leave home and lose WiFi every APP or internet connection  on iPhone 6 is unable to work. I am disabled and can’t drive so walk to grocery store and places to eat and can not make calls or use services on phone except text.  First month got a $50 credit second month got $10 and now only got $20 so paying them over last three months $120 with credits included.  Monthly bill is $68 and don’t understand why sprint won’t give me larger credit cause at home use IPad or Laptop but need phone to receive calls from doctors or other important calls.  It’s is ridiculous how they don’t see how I am wasting money on Service they can’t provide. I called to see if phone was unlocked and Sprint said yes but carrier I went to see about switching and keeping phone said it isn’t unlocked. So unless I can figure out how to get IPhone unlocked so can sell it to recoup new cost on new service. And who in their right mind around me buy a SPRINT phone.  I can lie and not tell them getting ride of phone so can get new model of iPhone or can be honest and tell them Service sucked for last three months.  I won’t lie and give someone else my problem.   Need HELP FROM SPRINT ABOUT

SERVICE AND CREDITS. Sick of callin in and wasting 30 minutes of my life to get no where. 

Sprint Social Care

Re: 12189 - Week #2 of frequent outages

Hello CJBinNY. We understand how important it is to have a working device at all times. Let me look into that for you. We sent you a Private Message, please reply to it at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care
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