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15$ access fee on plan that did not change


15$ access fee on plan that did not change

I have been with Sprint for almost 8 years. I have the same plan for about 18 months now. In September, I upgraded 3 of my 10 lines from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7+. Since then, each of those 3 lines now have a $15.00 access fee on them. None of the other 7 lines have this charge. I was not told of this fee when I upgraded at the store and asked very specifically how much my bill was going to go up. I was advised that it would go up by the cost of the lease and the protection plan per phone. Nothing about the access fee. This is why I went back up and upgraded two more lines after the first. I've called into support multiple times to get assistance. I've been told someone will call me back but didn't get that call. No one can tell me why only the upgraded phones on an existing plan (no change) now cost 15$ to make voice calls and send text messages. They just want to change my plan to something more expensive. I have another iPhone 6 that I would like to upgrade, but I refuse with the costs getting out of hand. That 15$ per line x 18 months lease is going to cost me $810 extra dollars over the life of the leases. That's not chump change and not easy to swallow when you I wasnt told up front. I don't want or need the 10 lines I have. We only use 5 of them   I have 5 phones that sit on a shelf in the original box. The only reason I have the plan I do is because a local Sprint store had a major mess up and rigged a bunch of discounts to cover their error. 


I spoke will all 3 other carriers today. Their plans are about the same but there is no line access charge.

Why am i getting charged to use the phone line when i have a plan in place and only charged on the newer phones (with no change in plan)?? This is so frustrating.


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