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15 sec+ delay with incoming calls

Journeyman HE2

15 sec+ delay with incoming calls

In the last few days, all my calls that come in have had a 15 second or more delay between the time I pick up and the time I can hear my caller. Usually they hang up before then and I lose the call. If they call back I have to send them to voicemail.

I'm using Google Voice integration and have for a couple years now. Never had any serious issues with it other than occasional outgoing call delays which were minor. Some calls seem to be longer calling out now too but I can't replicate that at the moment.

I'm on a Epic 4G Touch.

No other issues which would indicate a hardware problem.

Is there some way I can reset the Google Voice integration without causing other problems? I'd like to rule that out as a problem somehow?

Any other suggestions?


Re: 15 sec+ delay with incoming calls

Dear HE2,

Thank you so much for reaching out. A 15 second delay does not sound like a good thing. Question, is your phone up to date for software? Sound like we are going to have to have a process of elimination here. First things frist, we need to determine if the issue lies with Google Voice or with Sprint. It is possible to deintergrate and reintergrate your Google Voice Account, just not easily. I would suggest contacting Google Voice Support to deintergrate your account. They are the experts on their product and would be a better support for troubleshooting. Once you have removed Google Voice, please test the phone to see if the issue is still happeing. They can help you add your number back to the phone. If they tell you it is a Sprint issue, we will be happy to help you. Let us know what happens.


Sprint Social Care Team

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