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50% off promo not honored


50% off promo not honored

I started with Sprint, January 2017. Started my new service and cell phone,  LG v20, new lease program.  1 year comes and January 2018, I pay off the LG v20, terminate early to get the new galaxy s8 plus.  I wad told all these steps to make,  to get the s8 plus for 50%. I've talked to and chatted with reps for 2 months.  I was told just wait until after the 2rd billing cycles to receive your credit. How disgraceful, seems like it's custom to tell customers whatever it takes to make a sale &  anything to appease customers, FOR WHAT? A sale, to be told later, it's invalid? It's completely unacceptable to have electronic signed agreement Sprints expects customers to honor,  but their people can and will still refuse the contract. Despicable service and will leave Sprint first chance I get!!

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Re: 50% off promo not honored

We are very concern to read this type of feedback 19thesis69. Let us look into this issue for you. We sent you a private message, please reply to it at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care
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