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Account Error: ...code 97, LG Remarq


Account Error: ...code 97, LG Remarq

I just recently got a new phone (activted it last Saturday the 1st) , I had (and lost) a Samsung Exclaim, but now have a Lg Remarq (refurbished). However I have been unable to text. I was able to text on the old phone, it is part of my plan.

When someone texts me they get an error message saying I do not accept texts; when I attmept to text I get the Code 97 error.

I have:

+ reset my phone to facorty settings,

+ updated the PRL and frimware.

+ I have tried turning it on and off again, pulling out the battery for 30s - 2min.

+ I also tried texting 9999 to see if this was the cause...(you never know)

Any ideas?

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Account Error: ...code 97, LG Remarq

The texting 9999 thing was actually really smart since the phone is behaving like texts are blocked. If you could send me a PM with your phone number or ESN I would like to check on something's with the account since you seem to have everything on the phone covered.


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