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Account Spending Limit


Account Spending Limit

I paid a $200 deposit when I opened my account on Friday, October 2.

I wasn't even told about an account spending limit but that isn't even my concern.

It shows I have a $150 spending limit - if I deposited $200 - where did the other $50.00 go?

On Tuesday 10/6 my spending limit was down from $150.00 to $122 - I called customer service - the guy said it was nothing and that it wouldn't change unless I purchased apps or something with my phone. Ok, sure.

My1st bill has generated in the amount of $108.00.

Thursday 10/8 - I made a partial payment of $28.00 bringing my total balance down to $80.00

It is now Friday 10/9 and my account spending limit is now at $70 - WHY???

This makes no sense. I called and the lady had no clue what she was talking about and said it was now this amount because I made a payment.  Shouldnt the spending limit go UP if I've paid toward the account???

My plan is supposed to be unlimited. I don't have any idea what is going on and nobody can seem to give me an answer.  If this is how it is going to be, I definitely will cancel this account. Last time I checked - unlimited means


Re: Account Spending Limit

The $200 deposit is not directly connected to your spending limit. You have a spending limit because of credit issues, which is also why you have a spending limit


Re: Account Spending Limit

How do you get rid of spending limit I'm getting charged $7.99 I've got good credit?

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