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After struggling to get Hangouts to work


After struggling to get Hangouts to work

On Windows on a Chrome browser I give up and determined Hangouts is an imaginary product. I have never met anyone who claims they got GV/Hangouts to work. It's some kind of experiment to see how persistent people are. If it doesn't run natively on a stock PC with a Chrome browser then it doesn't run and it won't run on Android.


Re: After struggling to get Hangouts to work

i know there are tons of people that have used both of those sucessfuly. one thing they are running into though is if your device has wifi calling you cant have the phone sync'd to either of those AND use wifi calling. hangouts might be working again but i know GV doesnt with WFC.

this is through a PC though and not a phone or tablet? this would be on Google then.

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