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Annoying text messages from 9016 on my iPhone 5c


Annoying text messages from 9016 on my iPhone 5c

I recently upgraded from my old Sprint HTC Evo 4G to an iPhone 5c. My Evo had Sprint's Visual Voice Mail feature provisioned on it. Now that I'm on my iPhone, which doesn't use Sprint's VVM feature, I keep getting these texts. They come every 2 hours. They all contain text like the following...

//ANDROID:${from} has sent you a Sprint Voice Message. Call ${callbackno} to listen. CFGs1840.0-<random text>//CM

I've seen other, older forums posts with this issue, but most focused on people who had installed custom SMS apps like Handcent or Go SMS. I haven't done anything like that. I simply went from an Android phone to an iPhone. My Android phone is still on, since we're using it at home as a WiFi-only device.

Any ideas?


Re: Annoying text messages from 9016 on my iPhone 5c


Thanks for the post. I am sorry this is going on. Im sure we can get this taken care of. The VVM feature may still be active on your line. We would ndde to look at your devices features and remove it if its there. You can contact us at or PM us with your phone# and pin with details of your issue.


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