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Application for Sprint Users: LTE Discovery


Application for Sprint Users: LTE Discovery

Hello all,

My name is Spence and I am young application developer with my own start-up company building mobile applications.  About a year ago I created an application called LTE Discovery to help Sprint users find LTE signals in emerging markets.  Well since then we have gotten a lot of users on the app and have incorporated a lot of feedback from users into our latest update.  The app is now sporting a new UX with many more features for staying on top of the signals you are connected to.  I'm sharing this with you all in the hopes you all can enjoy using it.  I'm a CS student in grad-school so this application has been a great experience in building and maintaining software for a consumer base.  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  We are very receptive and responsive to suggestions/feedback so don't hesitate to let us know how this can be made better for you all.  Enjoy!

Features include:

1. Automated toggling mobile radio when not connected to a 4G signal

2. Notification alert when it finds an LTE Connection or 800mhz connection

3. Marking the LTE connections GPS coordinates- so you can find the site later.

4. Shows the distance and direction of the voice tower you connected to and displays its location on a map.

5. Home screen widget for monitoring LTE, EVDO, and 1x signal strength.

Google Play Store:

LTE Discovery - Android Apps on Google Play

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