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Automatic Call Blocker App./Skydeck


Automatic Call Blocker App./Skydeck

There are definitely certain apps. that are a must on ones phone and this is one of them. I was fed up with the numerous phone calls everyday from telemarketers and calls that are private or blocked numbers and this app. fix all that.

Very simple and clear to use it has a home page you see at a glance the calls that were blocked, a Blacklist to add calls you do not want like "Block All Callers Not In Contacts" the Whitelist for calls yo do want like "All Callers In My Contacts" and then a History List to view the history of calls that were blocked.

I tested as soon as I installed by calling my phone from a payphone and it worked, I would recommend this app. because it works and it frees you from being bothered from calls you don't want and of course its a free app.

I download to my Android Moment and it works perfect maybe now the telemarketers will get the message they can call all they want cause I am not picking up the phone cause I will not hear it.

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