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Calls dropping constantly!


Calls dropping constantly!

I've been with sprint for almost a year now. Since day one I have nothing but issues. I have the Apple iPhone 5 and at any given time of the day my phone goes from having it's regular TWO WHOLE BARS of service to "searching". My 3G will just turn into a little circle and I cant get online. When I try to make a phone call, I hear the person i am talking to but they can't make out what i am saying because of how badly I am breaking up. After maybe 5 mins of the awkward conversation the call just drops. This phone is my only phone line and NO ONE wants to talk to me anymore because of how annoying my phone service is. You would think that for the $93 dollars I hand over ON TIME every month I could have a service that actually WORKED. I am beyond fed up at this point.

Also, I started my service out with the iPhone 4s and that did the exact same thing, so I know it's not the phone messing up.

I was going to try and call to complain about this, but I can't keep a connection long enough to even get to an agent, so this is my only resort.

Any service reps out there that can do something about this awful service?!


Re: Calls dropping constantly!


Good news, I can totally assist you with addressing your concerns. First off- I'm sorry to hear about the issues with dropped calls! I completely understand how this could cause a bit of upset, especially given that this is your primary means of communication.

I'd like to check out your area and see if there's anything that could explain these ongoing issues. Would it be possible for you to provide me with the general zipcodes you tend to frequent? Cross streets would also be a great help, if you have them handy.

Thanks in advance for your reply and I look forward to assisting you.



Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Calls dropping constantly!


You're are not the only one having this problem (I am too in MN), and it's everywhere from the east to west coast.  the main thing said is that 'sprint is working on towers'.  and giving zip and cross streets doesn't do any good either cuz it won't change a thing! Many, many people are ready to leave sprint because of the bs they're getting from sprint.  much like the above post, most I've seen from a rep read exactly the same and still nothing is done.

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