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Calls from numbers that don't exsist

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Calls from numbers that don't exsist

For like the last two weeks, I've been receiving 2 - 5 calls a day from random phone numbers that don't even exsist.  When you call it back, either area code doesn't even exsist or the line isn't in service.  I read online that this is a scam for money, how do I stop it since I can't block random numbers?  Does android have a feature that only allows calls from my contacts?

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Calls from numbers that don't exsist

You can either block the specific #s individually at into My Sprint/Preferences/Block Voice/choose the phone/block only the following #s) or you can download an application from the Android Market that automatically blocks whatever you prefer...there are apps that block everything not on your address book...there are apps that even answer the phone and then disconnect the call without even showing you got a call...and so the person can't even leave a voicemail...  It just depends on how aggressive you want to get.




Calls from numbers that don't exsist

I've been getting the same type of calls for like a month now ,  havent found a solution as of yet.

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