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Can't choose GV as my default voicemail


Can't choose GV as my default voicemail

This has just started within the last few weeks. I've been using my Sprint number as my Google Voice number for at least a couple years now, and have enjoyed the ability to use GV as my SMS and voicemail program; I never had any problem setting it up.

Recently I noticed that my Galaxy S3 seemed to want to default me to the device's Voicemail system all of a sudden - I was getting redundant notifications that my voicemail was in GV and Voicemail; I tried everything I could to deactivate the system's Voicemail system (after going through weeks of annoying ads about upgrading it). I went so far as to uninstall GV and disconnect/reconnect my Sprint number from my GV number.

I've even called Sprint tech support twice to have them deactivate the device's voicemail system.

Now, I've reached a point where I am completely unable to select GV as my device's default voicemail program - though it still works, I don't get any notifications of new voicemails. And despite being assured by Sprint that the voicemail program has been completely deactivated, I still get notifications from the voicemail app when there are new messages. I also don't have the option to choose GV as my default SMS/messaging app either. I would use Hangouts, except of course any Sprint user who uses their Sprint number as their GV number has been advised to NOT use Hangouts for SMS/MMS because of a bug that results in dozens of copies of outgoing messages spamming the recipients.

I want to use Google Voice as my device's voicemail system, and I want to get notifications when I get new voicemails. I don't want to see anything from Sprint's voicemail program. I want to use Google Voice as my SMS program, not Sprint's "Messaging" program.

Is this even possible any more?


Re: Can't choose GV as my default voicemail

CSeanM, Thank you for reaching out to us. I would be more than happy to assist you with that. May you please click on this link so I can further assist you? - Gertrude, Sprint Social Care
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