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Can't make or receive calls in my house


Can't make or receive calls in my house

It's been over a week and I can't make or receive calls from my house. Would love to talk to customer service but I can't make a call!! Oh, and chat is unavailable pretty much always. I'm really beginning to lose my patience. Anyone else having this issue? Phone shows I have service but nothing happens when I try to place call. When someone calls me it doesn't ring or show missed call.


Re: Can't make or receive calls in my house


It saddens me to see you go through such difficulties with your services and I apologize for any frustrations with our online chat. Which link were you utilizing when attempting to chat?  Taking a look at our online chat link here everything is up and running, let me know what error you are receiving.  I would like to take a look into the network issues you are experiencing.  Is this issue only occurring in your home or does it at times travel with you? Are other users in at your location experiencing similar issues or is it just happening to your device?

Sprint Social Care Team


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